About NBI International


NBI International maintains a worldwide network of 60 countries from which analyses of detailed demands are made to generate purchases and investments. The purpose of these analyses is to realize demand-driven sales processes, on both macro and micro scales. In order to realize these specific processes, NBI International organizes international matchmaking programs as well as network meetings. In addition, stimulation of global networks with governmental agencies as well as enterprises from countries is also a part of the activities.


NBI International develops and expands international networks with the following groups:

  • Economic departments of ministries from different countries
  • Commercial sections and economic diplomats from the embassies
  • Investment, trade and export promotion centers
  • Private sector: larger enterprises and SME

The analysis of purchasing questions determines the target areas where sales processes can take place.

 Countries that NBI International warm liaises include:

• Angola • Ecuador • Croatia • Tanzania
• Argentina • Egypt • Malaysia • Thailand
• Azerbaijan • Ethiopia • Mozambique • Trinidad & Tobago
• Bangladesh • Philippines • Oman • Chad
• Belgium • Ghana • Peru • Czech Republic
• Bolivia • Guatemala • Poland • Tunisia
• Bulgaria • Hungary • Romania • Turkey
• Chile • India • Russia • Uruguay
• China • Iraq • Sierra Leone • United States
• Colombia • Italy • Slovakia • Vietnam
• Congo D. R. • Kazakhstan • Sri Lanka • Belarus
• Costa Rica • Kenya • Swaziland • South Africa



International matchmaking

The matchmaking system is developed in order to bring international requests and offers together. The working method of NBI International is personal and sector oriented, giving the clients direct insight into worldwide trading opportunities. The one-to-one matches are compounded and supervised by NBI International. With a personal account, the client can schedule meetings with economic departments and receives a personal agenda.

Worldwide public and private parties

The matchmaking system is targeted to companies which are already international players or wish to orientate within the international field. Focus sectors are: production industry, trade and transportation & logistics. The selected countries will specifically be subjectto the sectors. Subsequently, NBI International organizes and facilitates the invitation policy.


  • NBI Expo 2012, 2013, 2014 & 2015
  • International Business Forum 2014 & 2015
  • Halal Expo Europe 2015
  • International Design Expo 2015


Conferences with International Ambitions

NBI International has broad experience in the organization of international conferences and seminars. Discussion with the client is a central part to identify the right content and target group, and subsequently bringing international contacts together.


  • Vietnam “Business opportunities in de Vietnamese High Tech Industrie”
  • Export processing for Vietnam 2014
  • Pakistan Seminar
  • IFC/World Bank Seminar “Internationale Handelsproducten”
  • High Tech meets Agro Congress
  • Strategic Planning for the Halal Market Economy
  • Raw Materials for the High Tech Industry
  • Agro, Food & Ingredients (AFI) Event
  • Seminar Investment opportunities in USA (in cooperation with 15 states of the USA)


In order to create a tailor-made program which meets all the needs, NBI International performs accurate consultation with the client.

Incoming business-orientated mission
NBI International offers incoming missions including complete programs in which the answers about the analyzed demand-driven sales processes are given.

Training & Study Tours
Based on the level and requests of participating parties and attendees (students, employees of the companies etc.), NBI International and its partners offer the most suitable study programs.

Company visits
Leaning against the problem definition and questions of the client, NBI International provides the target components into the program of visits to the companies.


  • Agro tour
  • Diplomat dinners
  • Vietnam Mission for product introduction
  • Visiting Dutch Design
  • Infrastructure and building for North Iraq
  • Study tour for hospitality
  • Meeting EAC lands

Exhibitions – Expositions

NBI International is formed by the team of experienced event organizers who are competent to manage and guide your event from A to Z.

Partner for exhibition organization
In addition to her own exhibitions, NBI International, in certain cases, prepares itself as partner-organizer or the organizer of a division of the event.


  • Halal Expo Europe
  • Chinese Sourcing Expo
  • Turkey Total (Real Estate)

 International Centre for purchasing Issues

For companies wanting to do business internationally or expand, is NBI (Nation Branding & Investment) International partner. Growth opportunities are no longer Netherlands? Look across borders. NBI International will guide you through the rest of the world, based on a strong international network of government agencies and the private sector.

Our approach provides a direct saving on your international sales management!