CONFERENCES with international ambitions

The matchmaking system is developed in order to bring international requests and offers together. The working method of NBI International is personal and sector oriented, giving the clients direct insight into worldwide trading opportunities. The one-to-one matches are compounded and supervised by NBI International. With a personal account, the client can schedule meetings with economic departments and receives a personal agenda.

The matchmaking system is targeted to companies which are already international players or wish to orientate within the international field. Focus sectors are: production industry, trade and transportation & logistics. The selected countries will specifically be subjected to the sectors. Subsequently, NBI International organizes and facilitates the invitation policy.

NBI International introduction seminars in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam)

The seminars were to introduce the NBI Expo and the Netherlands as the connection destinations for Vietnam businesses and European continent, emphasing especially on the supply chains of agriculture.

During the seminars, there were more than 50 leaders & representatives of the companies in Vietnam horticulture-food, dairy products, and livestock feed production industries. In addition, Vietnam public communication agents of Vietnam Ministry of Trade & Industries, Vietnam Government News, TVs etc. also visited, showing their attention to the Netherlands and Europe as important business partners for Vietnam.

For more information, contact NBI International +31 (0)40 246 3626

“Vietnam & Netherlands ICT Outsourcing Seminar”

Cost Saving Innovation New Markets

On October 28, 2014, NBI International organizes the Seminar about Vietnam & Netherlands ICT Outsourcing. The Seminar is intended for representatives of Dutch and Vietnamese companies and for businesses who want to explore new markets and business opportunities in the areas of IT/high tech industries in Vietnam. In addition, we focus on managers who are interested in offshore and outsourcing and wanting to know more about opportunities for innovation, costs savings and improvement.

Through broad economic cooperation with Vietnam, the Dutch government aims at promoting Dutch business interests in the long-run. It facilitates this, and strengthens its relations and business ties with Vietnam. Several programmes support the business environment, strengthening human resource capacity, technical skills and promoting regulatory reform in key areas for Vietnam’s economy. This can help solving market access issues for Dutch companies.

The purpose of the event is to create business contacts based on concrete IT projects and to supply information about the benefits of Vietnam ICT industries next to the cost-benefits. NBI International always pursues the philosophy of creating business contacts with work flows instead of distributing plain information.

Trade and investment promotion also entails support to individual businesses, through economic diplomacy, information gathering provisioning and networking.There will be opportunities offered networking.If necessary, participants can make use of individual matchmaking according to your company specific wants and needs with potential Vietnamese business partners aspotential customers, agents, suppliers or distributors.

In recent years, Vietnam’s ICT growth has been very rapid ICT and is considered one of the fastest growing markets in Vietnam. The ICT industry’s growth rate in Vietnam is twice bigger than the average Asian growth rate and 3-times bigger than the global ICT industry’s growth rate, which is among the top ICT markets worldwide.

The largest Vietnam ICT companies (FPT IS System Integration, Vietsoft, SiSow etc.) will be present to share their offers and requests for Dutch enterprises in the seminar. And dozens of other ICT companies who cannot come also send their business detailed requests to the seminars to reach Dutch companies.

Co-organizers with NBI International for this seminar are:
1. Trade Section of Vietnam Embassy
2. Timath International
3. Kneppelhout Korthals NV
4. Vietnam Association of Software and IT Service VINASA
If you have specific requests or interests for this seminar, please contact us at or by phone at +31 (0)40 246 36 26.

Raw Materials for the High Tech Industry

International seminar with international speakers from knowledge, diplomatic departments and industries, including: Ambassador Bolivia, Philips Corporate, the government-controlled Geozentrum in Hanover, and the Materials Innovation Institute (Delft).

Strategic Planning for Halal Market Economy

Masterclass with internationally renowned experts specializing in niche market consulting for such governments and food of Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates, USA, and several European countries.

High Tech meets Agro, Food & Ingredients

Multisectoral and innovation seminar sessions with international speakers from knowledge, and diplomatic departments industry. Participation, inter alia Topsector Agrifood (Ministry Economic Affairs), Turkish Federation of Food Industry Associations, Dutch multinational agribusiness Lely, Technical University of Technology.

Seminar investment opportunities

NBI International, in collaboration with the U.S. Commercial Service, SelectUSA and with representatives of the 15 states of the U.S. gave a seminar on investment opportunities in the United States of America.