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In the first edition in 2017, MAP EXPO – The Global Marketplace for Medicinal & Aromatic Plants is considered to have been impressive and satisfying to both exhibitors and visitors. exhibitors from 16 countries and B2B visitors, embassies from 31 countries have enabled MAP EXPO to be a proven international platform. (meer…)

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MAP EXPO 2017: the international platform

Surprisingly the first edition of MAP EXPO 2017 gathers exhibitors in 17 countries on the floor, making it the true global marketplace for medicinal & aromatic plans. Exhibitors come from Vietnam to Canada, Egypt to Russia. All of the exhibitors are excited to show what products they have to offer.

Furthermore visitors from 25 countries have registered tickets to visit the exhibition, making the floor a dynamic platform for trading & knowledge transferring. Read more

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Halal Expo Europe 2017 ticket

Halal Expo Europe 2017 ticket registration is now open for visitors.

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This is the largest Halal event in EU – functioning as marketplace for Halal labelled brands. Target markets in EU of halal products are not limited to Islamic citizens but also other consumers.

During Halal Expo Europe the focus will be on the halal industry, with special attention to food, cosmetics, lifestyle, tourism, pharmaceuticals and finance. Besides the presence of over 100 exhibitors that are operating in the global halal industry, lectures, panel discussions and seminars will be held with the aim of transferring knowledge. Furthermore pre-arranged b2b meetings (matchmaking) will be arranged with the objective of creating strategic partnerships.

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All programs at MAP EXPO 2017

3 weeks to go until the first edition of MAP EXPO 2017 – The Global Marketplace for Medicinal & Aromatic Plants.

In this first edition, NBI International has gathered exhibitors from 18 countries, enhancing the international nature of the exhibition as well as the attractiveness of the MAP content. (meer…)

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Early exhibitor list at MAP EXPO 2017 is available online

The list of exhibitors at MAP EXPO 2017 has been published on the website of MAP EXPO. The list and the products list will be updated weekly for the visitors so expect the exhibited products.


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Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) cooperates with NBI International for MAP EXPO 2017

Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) helps entrepreneurs, research institutes, universities, technology centers and institutions for business and innovation development charge with finding partners worldwide. EEN network consists of more than 600 organizations (including National Enterprising Netherlands and the Chamber of Commerce) in over 60 countries. (meer…)

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