In order to create a tailor-made program which meets all the needs, NBI International performs accurate consultation with the client.


NBI International offers incoming missions including complete programs in which the answers about the analyzed demand-driven sales processes are given.


Based on the level and requests of participating parties and attendees (students, employees of the companies etc.), NBI International and its partners offer the most suitable study programs.


Leaning against the problem definition and questions of the client, NBI International provides the target components into the program.

Incoming mission from Vietnam for potato cultivars – March 2015

Vietnam is continuing its strong development with increasing private investments into agriculture, while Dutch solutions have been globally famous to achieve high productivity and sustainability.

Whist both countries more frequently reminds the names of each other, NBI International also spent its great effort into the agriculture businesses between Vietnam and the Netherlands.

Organized by NBI International, the topic of the incoming mission from Vietnam is potato seeds. High quality and healthy seeds & seed potatoes have been a burden on global potato industries, including Vietnam. Fortunately the Netherlands once again is the famous breeder with invention of many varieties.

For more information, contact NBI International +31 (0)40 246 3626

5th NBI International Diplomats Dinner – 5th of March 2015

The 5thNBI International diplomats dinner takes place on the 5thof March in Holiday Inn Eindhoven, The Netherlands.
NBI International & World Trade Center Eindhoven are hosting an international platform of ambassadors,community leaders, umbrella organisations and captains of industry.

The purpose of this 5th diplomats dinneris to provide the perfect networking opportunity, and to enable to discuss the ways in which salesand procurement processes can be aligned to forge sustainable economic ties worldwide.

For more information, contact NBI International +31 (0)40 246 3626

Incoming Vietnam mission for fertilizer production turn-key – February 2015

Dutch machineries arealways attractive to a great many of other nations due to their high quality and precision. In the second week of February, NBI International receives another group interested in buying Dutch machines and solutions for the NPK and bio fertilizer production. Asmost of the offers for these turn-keys are from China, this is the time for Dutch to prove their strengths and techniques.

The group will visit some Dutch companies occupied with manufacturing and trading the machines of blending, pelleting, and theFood & Biobased Research Center of Wageningen University.

For more information, contact NBI International +31 (0)40 246 3626

Incoming Vietnam mission for tomato cultivation solution – December 2014

During 3 days of 17th, 18th, 19thof Decemberin 2014, NBI International organized the successful trip for Vietnamese companies to visit ones among the best Dutch production enterprises in the horticulture-food industries.

The project is regarding total cultivation process of tomato fruit both on open field and in the green house, together with producing products in the end of the value chains such as high quality sauce, soups, etc. In Vietnam, HTTC International works closely with the government to enable Dutch cultivation technology to be imported for her project, paving the way for the farmers to adopt high tech cultivation for vegetables in the future.

For more information, contact NBI International +31 (0)40 246 3626

Incoming mission from Vietnam 11th of July 2014

On the 11th  of July 2014  Vietnamese companies, who are specialized in the consumer goods sector but have not exported their products to the Netherlands and Europe yet came to Eindhoven. They followed the program of NBI International to be well-informed about exporting to the Netherlands within one day. The concept of the program is the combination of observing and experiencing from the real operation of retailing & wholesaling stores, getting advised on exportation documentation, procedure & common practices, and contacting with the customers.

NBI Diplomat meeting 22 October 2013

On the 22nd of October the NBI Diplomats Meeting  took place in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. With 62 diplomatic representatives from 50 countries, we would like to give an abstract of the meeting.

The subject: NBI meets the Dutch Design Week

After an official Word of Welcome by the director of Capital D, Mr. Martijn Paulen we had a guided  tour organized by the University of Technology, department Industrial Design.

In the afternoon a guided tour was given at the Klokgebouw. The diplomats saw many projects from the Dutch Design Week and Organisation in design.

Furthermore NBI International has a partnership with KPMG and the Rabobank Foundation. Both organisations introduced themselves at the meeting by a presentation about their working method and relationship with the NBI International Network.
KPMG: Mr. Elbert Waller | Head of High Growth Markets PR
Rabobank Foundation: Mr. Pierre L. van Hedel | Managing Director
Beside it, NBI International threw light on their processes, important developments worldwide and the NBI Expo 2014.
NBI International: Mr. Jop Thissen | Project Manager
The last presentation was given by the Accountmanager International promotion & acquisition of the City of Eindhoven.
City of Eindhoven: Mrs. Naomie Verstraeten | Accountmanager International promotion & acquisition.

The day ended with a dinner at the Klokgebouw by famous top chef André Amaro. In a word, the organisation is proud to announce they had a very successful day!


Purchasing Request Technology for E-government project

NBI International implements the purchasing demand Vietnamese regional development ‘Industrial Development Company of the Binh Duong – Becamex IDC. Becamex looking for partners in the Eindhoven region for regional e-government project, which the paper is converted into public administration be to a modern system using ICT. This extensive project offers great opportunities for the ICT and High Tech sector in the region, where technology and knowledge (software and can be. hardware) sold.

Analysis procurement processes Agrifood chain

NBI International analyzes procurement questions in Turkey aimed at innovative processes, management and products in which one Turkish chain of food processing will buy. The results of the analysis so far are dramatic, and may lead to actual market movements.

Meeting EAC countries

In preparation for the NBI Expo Eastern Africa in Nairobi NBI International, in close cooperation with the Kenyan Embassy in The Hague, met with the embassies of the East African Community. 7 countries were during this meeting, which was held at the Embassy of the Republic Kenya in The Hague, represented.

Incoming delegations

NBI International received a delegation of more than 42 Iraqi Kurdish businesses and government representatives from cities like Abril, Suleymania, Duhok and Kirkuk in the PSV Stadium Eindhoven. The interest of the Iraqi delegation went particularly from to reconstruction and infrastructure. It was partly a presentation held by the development manager of Ballast Nedam, a Dutch leading infrastructure company.

Area Development

Purchasing Question development and renewal of an airport in the Podkarpackie region. NBI International, the seminar provides, the Dutch providers wanted and needed and after the seminar “ge-match” to the Polish delegation.

NBI International Diplomats Dinner

For the third time NBI International organized with great success the NBI International Diplomats Dinner for representatives of embassies and trade offices in the Benelux. Present were 93 people from 48 countries were present.

Countries from all continents of the world were represented:

  • Europe (including Belgium, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Russia, Turkey, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Hungary)
  • Africa (such as Egypt, Kenya, Angola, Zimbabwe, Sierra Leone, Namibia, Tunisia, Lesotho)
  • South America (including the United States, Argentina, Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru, the Caribbean, Trinidad and Tobago)
  • Asia (such as China, Vietnam, India, Philippines, Bangladesh, Thailand).

During the NBI International Diplomats Dinner were by partners three presentations.

NBI Expo

The Nation Branding & Investment Expo (EXPO NBI) is a unique concept within the corporate events world. It is a Government-to-business event where governments and companies from over 60 countries.

  • Investing in emerging markets
  • International co-operatives
  • New markets
  • International trade opportunities
  • Public-private partnership projects.