Introduction NBI International

NBI International, the trading name of ETFAM International BV, started up in 2011 and specializes in the MICE industry. NBI International maintains the global network with around 50 countries from which the company analyzes the detailed demands to make purchases and investments. The purpose of these analyses is to realize the demand-driven sales processes, from macro to micro scales. In order to realize these specific processes, NBI International organizes the international matching programs as well as network meetings. The company also stimulates the networks with worldwide governmental agencies as well as enterprises from countries.

NBI International Network

NBI International has developed and will expand the international networks with the following groups:

  • Economic departments of the ministries from different countries
  • Commercial sections and economic diplomats from the Embassies in the Netherlands
  • Investment – trade – export promotion centres
  • Private sectors: larger enterprises and SMEs

The analysis of purchasing questions determines the target areas where the sales processes can take place.

MAP MARKETING - Focused on foreign agricultural sectors
Map Expo

By NBI International,
The Netherlands

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MAP BUSINESS - Your MAP Sales Promotion Partner
Map Expo

By NBI International

NBI International is specialised in worldwide sourcing of natural ingredients such as raw materials including but not limited to: roots, bark, (tea)leaves, and seeds. Also natural extracts like essential and carrier oils are one of our most requested products.

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Thanks to organising the MAP (medicinal and aromatic plants)-expo we have built a strong network with farmers and growers worldwide. This way we can ensure the best quality with plants grown on their indigenous soil.

Nature has been used as natural home remedies for thousands of years. And thanks to new research are gaining more appreciation in present day medicine, cosmetics and other industries.

Before the invention of modern medicine, herbs and seeds were used for treating anything from infections to rashes and fevers. Although many of them have been around for hundreds, if not thousands of years, some of them still need more research to prove its benefits. However, one thing is for sure, people have been using natural products all over the globe since the beginning of time.

Are you looking for rare raw materials or oils? Contact us if you have any questions:

Mr. Glenn Habets
+31 6 40 86 84 14

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